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Product Introduction
• Bore : ø25~ø63 mm    • Pmax : 100 Kg/cm²
• The product is ideal for mass production on a special purpose machine and jig on machining center. It will greatly upgrade production efficiency.
• When the hydraulic cylinder actuate, and the piston moves downward, the clamping arm will swing to a rated angle. Then it lowers until the workpiece is clamped securely.
• To avoid too fast motion a flow control valve is suggested to connect to the hydraulic swing clamp cylinder. Do not clamp workpiece while the calmp is swinging to avoid damaging on the cylinder barrel and internal parts.
• When increasing length of clamping arm is required, be sure do not exceed 1.5 times of the original length.
• The cylinder body is manufactured from structural carbon steel. Surface is specially treated for maximum smoothness on inside surface and long service life.
Bore of cylindermm ø25 ø32 ø40 ø50 ø63
Piston rod diametermm ø18 ø20 ø22.4 ø28 ø35
Swing strokemm 9 11 11 13 13
Clamping stroke (std/extension)mm 13 15 / 30 15 / 30 17 / 34 17 / 34
Pressure area(pull/push)mm 2.37 / 4.91 4.9 / 8.04 8.63 / 12.57 13.47 / 19.63 21.55 / 31.17
Theoretical clamping30 Kg/cm² 71 147 259 404 647
Fluid Filtered air
Max operation pressure 100 Kg/cm²
Operation pressure range 5-7 Kg/cm²
Rotating direction R:Turn right/ L:Turn left/ N: 0˚ No swing
Rotating angle Standard angle 90˚, Optional angle 45˚, 60˚
Acting type Double acting
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