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Product Introduction
• Bore : ø25~ø63 mm    • Pmax : 70 Kg/cm²
• The clamping mechanism on this series of hydraulic cylinder work with a lever principle. Piston push forward for clamping. It provides greater clamping force than that of swing clamp cylinder. Major parts are mounted outside of the cylinder barrel for convenient maintenance.
• The cylinder barrel and clamping mechanism are manufactured from structural carbon steel for maximum durability and long service life.
Bore of cylindermm ø25 ø32 ø40 ø50 ø63
Piston rod diametermm ø18 ø20 ø22.4 ø28 ø35
Total strokemm 25 25 30 34 40
Pressure area(pull/push)cm² 2.37 / 4.91 4.9 / 8.04 8.63 / 12.57 13.47 / 19.63 21.55 / 31.17
Theoretical clamping30 Kg/cm² 116 191 287 453 701
Fluid Filtered air
Max operation pressure 70 Kg/cm²
Operation pressure range 5-50 Kg/cm²
Acting type Double acting
Order Code
Hydraulic Lever-type Cylinder Order Code